Bali Prefab – Indonesia knockdown wooden house Manufacturers

bali wooden house - Bali Prefab - Indonesia knockdown wooden house Manufacturers

Bali Prefab – Custom Timber Homes | Bali wooden house

High Quality Tropical wooden house, bungalows, gazebos, bale bengong, prefab house, Guest houses, Multi Style Pavilions, Tropical Resort Design, villas, restaurants and associated buildings.

Bali Prefab – Custom Timber Homes & Resort Structures are designed & Built specifically for tropical destinations, combining natural timber building elements with effortless transitions of open spaces from one room to the next incorporating breezeways, and flow thru ventilation systems which are essential for any tropical destination.

We are available for any design of your own. Used of the wooden materials are also of your choice. Type of roof can be adjusted based on your requirement. Our professional craftsman and friendly staff are looking forward to helping you decide on the right design for your needs. We are sure you will happy with your new knock-down home from Bali wooden house manufacture.

All wooden homes and resort structures are designed and built right here in Bali to International approved standards by the Indonesian Tropical Wooden House maker and Local Design & Building Team with over 20 years experience in the business.!


By Bali Prefab
Jl. Pemelisan (Ke Sakenan) No.8,
By Pass Ngurah Rai, Suwung, Denpasar
Bali – Indonesia


Indonesia knockdown wooden house | Tropical wooden house | Bali knockdown  wooden house

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